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Saving Single-Family Zoned Homes and Neighborhoods in San Jose

We support the preservation of single-family zoning in the city of San José. We opposed the General Plan Task Force proposal which would eliminate single family zoning "by right"* throughout San José.

We are in favor of a smart infill growth strategy that is best for affordability, the environment, and transportation.

Before our neighborhoods are irreparably changed, San José should continue to implement the existing Envision San Jose 2040 General Plan which shields neighborhoods and focuses on building new homes in Urban Villages.

A series of recently passed California State laws, including SB 9 & 10, allow developers to build multi-story, multi-unit buildings right next door to single-family homes and deny our ability to fight back. We are part of a coalition of thousands of California neighborhood leaders fighting to preserve our ability to speak out about what happens in our own neighborhoods. Note that San Jose recently pass an urgency ordinance limiting SB9 lots splits to 4 units total.

We support the Our Neighborhood Voices ballot initiative. The Our Neighborhood Voices initiative restores the authority of our local representatives to decide what gets built in our community, on our street and right next door to where we live. Learn more here: and help us by signing the petition to get the initiative on the ballot in November 2024. We need 40,000 signatures in San Jose. We will be collecting signatures at local shopping centers around San Jose, look for us in 2024.

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